Email Plus

Email Plus is a premium email offering that includes Cloud Drive, an online file storage and sharing solution that gives you access to your important files no matter where you are.

This bundle includes all of the features of our email offering plus: 

  • 30GB Online Storage per User (Cloud Drive storage)
  • 25 GB Email boxes
  • File Sharing with Coworkers
  • Desktop File Synchronization
  • Online Document & Spreadsheet Editors
  • Mobile Sync for Email, Calendars, & Contacts

Email Plus with Cloud Drive enhances communication, collaboration, and productivity for businesses in any industry for only $4.50 per mailbox.

If you decide to upgrade to Email Plus, the upgrade applies to the entire domain. All email accounts (except for Exchange accounts) would be upgraded to Email Plus.

Cloud Drive Overview

Feature Overview

Document Explorer

Spreadsheet Editor

Public Files