Semi-Custom Designs

If you are on a small budget yet still want an attractive website then our semi-custom design option might be your solution. 

Our semi-custom option starts with one of our pre-designed templates. Based on your needs we can them make design, layout or functional changes to the template.

For example, you might want to take a design that has a two-column layout and make it a 3-column layout. Or you may want to add additional elements to the header of the page. Or you may need some more customized content layouts for specific pages. Whatever the case, we can accommodate it. 

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Who is this for?

Our semi-custom option works best for companies that have a smaller budget or don't need a complete custom solution.


Here are a few examples of websites using one of our pre-designed templates.


How does it work?

1) First you would pick one of our pre-designed templates. When you're reviewing the templates make your choice based on the layout as opposed to the colors. For example, note how the different designs display the navigation or the logo. Some templates work best for wide logos and some work better for more square logos. 

2) Decide what you will have for pages on the website and the functionality that you need.

3) Meet with us to talk about the website. We can either meet at our office in Farmington or schedule a phone call. 

4) We will then put together a contract for the project and provide you with a deposit invoice for half of the estimate.

5) Once you have provided us with the signed contract, deposit payment and all final content/images for the website we will then build the website for you. The website will be built on a staging URL so that if you have an existing website it won't be affected while the new website is being built. Please note that we will only enter your content once. If you need any changes then you can do those after the training.

6) Once we're done building the new website we will provide you the link to review. We will then train you on BranchCMS so that you can edit the content going forward. If you have any content changes then you can do them after the training before the site goes live. We will then invoice you for the final amount of the estimate.

7) Once the final invoice is paid and you're ready we can make your new website live.



Our semi-custom offering starts at $2000 for a simple 5 page website. The pricing is dependent upon the design changes, complexity of the page layouts, and any extra functionality that you require.


Add Extra Functionality to Your Website

We can add more functionality to your website with BranchCMS. For example, you could add a blog, a photo gallery, a store or an events calendar to your website. 

Below is some general pricing to give you a rough idea of what it might cost to add these extras. The costs below are for relatively simple implementations. The final costs are dependent on your design and functionality requirements. 

Add a blog: $200 - $400

Add an events calendar: $300 - $600

Add a photo gallery: $300 - $600


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