Self-Storage Websites

Grow your self-storage business by enabling your customers to rent their self-storage units through your website.

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Our self-storage solution is built on our BranchCMS platform. This means you get a powerful solution for managing custom websites and tools to grow and manage your self-storage business.


The monthly pricing is $44 / month + $1 /unit/month. 

For example, if you have 50 units, you'll pay $94/month.

There is a one-time setup fee of about $3,000, depending on the features you need and how you want the website to look.


Below are some of our customers.

Self-Storage Software Features

Our Self-Storage software includes the following features:

Unit management

  • Organize your storage units by building and location.
  • Support for multiple self-storage locations.
  • Set pricing for each unit based on its size. This allows units of the same size to have their price easily updated simultaneously.
  • Support for custom attributes for each unit, building, or location so that you can display the information that you need.
  • Easily change the status of a unit to make it available to rent or not.

Renting self-storage units online

  • Customers can browse your units by their size.
  • We can also display units by their building so that customers can see the layout of the units in each building. This allows them to easily rent units that are adjacent to each other.
  • Customize the start date for each subscription. They can start on the first of each month, a specific day of each month, or the date that the customer signs up.
  • Get paid immediately for new sign-ups. Credit cards are processed through your Stripe account.
  • Customers create an account during the rental process, and they can sign your contract online.

Business management

  • View and manage your customers, subscriptions, and payments.
  • Process payments online.
  • Manually add a new subscription if necessary.
  • Cancel subscriptions for your customers.
  • Manage and update customer account and login information.

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