Custom Website Design

Whether you need a new website or if your existing website needs a makeover, Aptuitiv can help design your new website. 

When we are doing a custom design job we first start out by trying to learn as much as possible about you and your business. It's important that a new design is done to solve current business problems or to increase revenue. The only way for us to design and build you a new website that will improve your business is to do some fact finding about where your current website is falling short, and what your goals are for the new website. 

It's common to also incorporate a mobile strategy into the new design. Responsive design and mobile templates are 2 common techniques used.

We also recommend to all of our clients that they use a website content management system (CMS) to manage their website. A CMS will enable you to easily make content changes to your website and add new content. 

Examples of our work

Below are some examples of our work. View more examples in our porfolio.