Premium Email

Each website hosting plan or branchCMS plan comes with a certain number of free email accounts. Those accounts by default are 1GB in size. 

You can also take advantage of our premium email as a stand-alone service. 

Mailboxes can be as large as 25GB in size. Below is the pricing for larger mailboxes or additional 1GB sized mailboxes. Pricing is for each mailbox per month.

Mailbox Size
Price per mailbox
Price per mailbox$1.50/month
Price per mailbox$2.50/month
Price per mailbox$3.50/month

Email Add-ons

Price per mailbox
Price per mailbox$5.00/month

Email Plus

Email Plus applies to all email accounts for a domain. Learn more about Email Plus.

Price per mailbox
Email Plus
Price per mailbox$4.50/month

Hosted Exchange Pricing

Price per mailbox
Exchange Mailbox (Up to 100GB)
Price per mailbox$10/month
ActiveSync License (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone)
Price per mailbox$3.00/month

Email Migrations

We can migrate your email from another provider to Rackspace's platform for $7 / email account.